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Here is where I put all my writing creativity. There are various topics and approaches with each one.

Church of Real Epiphany

CORE is a blog that I write that pertains to spiritual things. I approach lessons taught to me through the bible, as well as lessons taught to me through life. I chose this because I wished to spread wisdom in ways that church could not. Always feeling dissatisfied with church, I felt it better to make my own… One that allowed free-thinking, philosophy, and unbiased wisdom.

Technology Blog

Technobabble is a blog for anything geeky or technological I've put down. I've written articles here about administrating servers, making the switch between linux distributions, video games, and tutorials of different applications and services that I got to work.

Music Blog

Musical Spirit is a blog for anything related to music. I'm an absolute hoarder of music, and love all kinds. Here is where I write reviews of artists or albums, or just write about how certain songs have affected me.

D&D Adventures

D&D Adventures is a story blog where I recap my D&D sessions in a funny way. They're an enjoyable read, and a testament to how much fun tabletop gaming really is.

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