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Linux Plus Exam Study

Linux Study is a place containing a few e-books on studying for the Linux+ certification exams. They're really helpful.

Node.JS Beginner Tutorial

Node.js For Beginners is a pdf containing a beginner's tutorial on how to get a Node.js server up and running.

Helpful Tools

Here is where I've placed helpful documentation, tools, or just interesting stuff to use.

YouTube List Parser

YouTube List Parser is a page I wrote that'll accept a playlist url and print out the urls of each video in that playlist. Very helpful if you wish to watch these youtube videos in another program, like, say, SMPlayer (which is what I use).

Meal Spinner

Meal Spinner is a tool I wrote to help plan meals. I honestly cannot decide what to eat, so something like this that'll randomize it and decide for me is really helpful.

AngularJS Tutorials

Angular Tests are a collection of little apps I've written in angular that'll help teach the basics of AngularJS. It runs through the process of making an application that will maintain a hypothetical “customers” table.

Angular App Generator

Angular Generator This is just something quick to allow me to build new angular apps with a simple copy paste. It's essentially a template to get started. The code you see in the textarea is the code you need to paste to have an angular app.

URL Shortener

YOURLS Url Shortener is what I use to shorten urls that I send to people. They've even got firefox and chrome addons to allow me a 1-click conversion. Really handy to have, because let's face it, some of these urls are just crazy. They're all shortened through my server running a local instance of YOURLS.

Fighting Fantasy Worksheet

Fighting Fantasy Worksheet is a page I cooked up in about half a day that helps make the Fighting Fantasy style of adventure easier to play and more convenient on the computer. It handles dice rolls as well as battles. Fighting Fantasy refers to a choose-your-own-adventure style of book series released in the 80s that provided a single-player roleplaying experience. All you really need is a pencil, paper, and 2 6-sided dice… or you can use my web-based one here so you can play on your phone :P

Adblock Plus Filter

Filters I've been using for the various sites I browse. I hate ads. They clutter websites up and make 'em load ten times slower. Hope you find these filters helpful.

On Chrome, you can edit your filters as plain text, simply pasting the filters below in and clicking save… Firefox, on the other hand, makes things more complicated for no reason. First, create a new filter group. From here, you can either add these filters in one by one, or you can do it the copy/paste way. Click the backup button. Backup to a new file. Open that file, and scroll all the way to the bottom. You should see a section called [Subscription filters]. Paste all the filters below, and save. Then tell adblock plus to import the backup.

My Chrome Theme

I love majora's mask, and I like dark themes (it tends to match with my windows 10 dark theme…). I found a majora's mask one on the store, and it's pretty good, except for the fact that the colors of the buttons are too faint for me to see. So I decided to make my own. Click here to download. Install the .crx file to use the theme, or edit the theme yourself.

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