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Tabletop RPG Books

Tabletop RPG Collection is a place containing lots and lots of pdfs for different tabletop RPGs. I'll continue to update the different RPGs as I obtain more, but it'll be pretty slow.

UPDATE I do indeed have a collection of tabletop RPG books, but I was contacted by the powers that be and politely asked to remove the link for them… I do apologize for this, but I don't want to get in trouble…

UPDATE 2 I've received quite a few emails from people who enjoyed this collection, and appreciated its well-organized and categorized layout. Since I've taken this collection down, I've been asked if I can send the rest of the collection behind the scenes. While I'd be more than happy to do that, I have to consider my own protection… I have no way of knowing who you work for, and I don't know who else might be watching what I'm doing. Wizards of the Coast was very polite, and I'd like to respect their wishes instead of provoking their ire.

That said, I've seen my collection floating around on all sorts of torrent sites, most notably the pirate bay. You can google “D&D collection tpb” and get tons of results. That's about all the assistance I can give you in obtaining this collection for yourself, as I don't want to antagonize the lawyer demons who always attack with weighted dice.

Comic Book Reader

Comic Viewer is a page written in php that allows you to view my comic collection. It's a pretty small collection right now, but in the future it might grow. I've optimized the viewer to be well-seen in tablets, mobile phones, and desktop browsers.

Note: Both versions of the sonic comic are here. The 00 Sonic the Comic is the original Fleetway comic collection, and all the rest are the Archie comics. There's a particular reading order for these comics, which can be found here.

Music and Media


I host a very large music and video collection that I can stream from anywhere. Anyone can join and listen as well. You can use the subsonic app on for your phone for more easy integration.

There are two links for the Subsonic server. If one doesn't work, try the other. I don't have a dynamic dns service installed yet that'll update the location of where my ip address is, so if my internet connection gets reset, the first link might not work.

You can also use this Jamstash/Minisub player. It's a lightweight HTML5 player already hooked up and connected to my subsonic server, so you should be ready to go.

Picture Viewer

This is a picture viewer that I'm hosting. There's all sorts of nonsense in there, and I'm not bothering to upload it all to facebook or anything. To me, it's better if all of this stuff is hosted on MY server rather than hosted on facebook's or photobucket's.
Piwigo Picture Gallery

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