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Current Computer Specs

I'm a gamer, and more specifically, I'm a PC gamer. “PC Master Race!” Yes indeed. But, you're likely here because I can't remember precisely what kind of gpu I have or cpu or whatever, so I passed you a link to this page so you could read exactly what it was. Here's the specs.



I cannot find any agreeable reason to willingly choose a console over a PC. No one has ever offered me an argument that ever painted consoles as having any benefit over a PC. It just doesn't exist.

The closest one is price, and even that is negligible. A $500 gaming rig bought today will last you 4-5 years easily, just like a console will.


I was first introduced to the power of a PC when I went to a friend's house who had Grand Theft Auto III on his PC (I had it on PS2, and have 99% completion on it… there's a few jumps I just can't do). He told me he had been adding modifications to the game… and when he booted it up, the protagonist had been re-skinned, there were new car designs, modified game text… it was like a whole new game!

I realized right then that the PC was the way to go, because lots of games had mods. Why stick to just the basic game that comes with the console when you can modify it and breathe new life into the game? This holds true even today… recently I grabbed the PC version of Legacy of Kain: Defiance (a game I'd played a lot 10 years ago) and used mods that significantly updated the graphics, making the game look better than it ever had. It was the most fun I'd ever had playing it, and all from something as simple as a graphical update.

A PC gamer is someone who isn't satisfied with just playing a good game and putting it down. In that regard, one could argue that a PC gamer loves video games more than the console gamer does; they're willing to keep modifying a game long considered to be dead just so they can keep playing it. A console does not allow you to have that level of dedication.

The Myths about PCs

1. “PCs are expensive!” This is not accurate. Although I see you looking above and saying “Dude, you spent over $1800 for that PC!”, just bear with me. A PC is not always more expensive than a console. I could look at the specs of the current generation of consoles and build a comparable gaming PC for roughly the same price (within $100). “Within $100?!” Hey, don't forget these consoles do cost half a grand… so an additional $100 isn't all that much.

2. “PC's require you to keep updating them!” No they don't. Updating a PC is entirely optional. Many of us PC gamers opt to upgrade the PC for various reasons… Maybe we want it to perform better for the games we already have. Maybe we want it to meet or exceed the requirements of a new game. But it's all completely optional. Don't forget: you keep upgrading your console every few years so you can play the latest games… Upgrading a computer is actually cheaper than spending $600-800 every 4 years.

3. “PC's are confusing and hard to use!” What? You're using a PC right now to look at this website. You managed to turn it on, open your browser, and somehow get to this page. Playing a video game on a PC requires the same amount of steps. Actually, I'd argue it's easier to play video games on a PC than it is a console. When I want to play a new game on my computer, I download it, run through the install wizard (which for most of you just consists of clicking next a bunch of times until it says Finish), double-click the game, and play. Easier still is on Steam, where I just click the game and say “Install”, and it does everything for me. When the game goes from grey to white, I click it and click Play. On a console, I have to first sign in on my account, update the console, then pop the game disk in, wait for it to install, then wait for it to finish patching, then I can finally play it. If anyone else wants to join, they too have to sign in on my machine to play. Why does everyone have to have a special log-in just for themselves? You have to have an avatar or a Mii dedicated to you… this is ridiculous. On a PC, you plug your controllers into the USB port (or connect them via bluetooth, just like a console), boot the game up, and play split screen. This is not hard to follow.

4. “Consoles are just a better experience.” Oh really? How about internet/youtube browsing? How do you like having to type everything on a controller instead of a keyboard because you don't want to spend another $40 on a console-specific keyboard that will work with this new console since your old keyboard won't? The browser you get is behind the times with regards to the latest web standards, and a lot of things won't render correctly. The overall experience is irritating. Netflix/hulu/movie streaming: same as before, except now you have a shit-load of ads you have to watch in addition to the movie you paid for. There's a wonderful addon called ad blocker plus that you can install - oh wait, you're on a console.

5. “Look, there's just something about getting everybody on the couch in front of the TV and playing a good game, ok?” And what's stopping you from doing this on PC? DVI-to-HDMI cord to your TV, and presto: your TV becomes a monitor. Plug your controllers into the USB ports (or, again, the bluetooth setup… however you wanna do it) and play. There's literally nothing stopping you from doing this, and in fact you'll free up more space by not needing a desk.

6. “But I don't want to mod a game or do all that stuff… I just want to play it and put it down.” Nothing stopping you from installing the game, playing it, and uninstalling it… Gaming on a PC is as simple or as nuanced as you want it to be.

The Benefits of a PC

There are tons of benefits to using a PC that a console will not give you.

1. Games have backwards compatibility. I still pick up Doom every now and then, and probably will until the day I die. Doom came out in 1993, and I'm still playing it. For you Xbox users: how many of you are still playing Halo? Ever wanted to pick it up again, just for old-time's sake? Well too bad, because your current Xbox doesn't support it. Go find your old one (if it still works) and maybe then you can play it… assuming you want to play it unpatched. You won't be able to play it online at all. Meanwhile, on PC's, I can play Halo any time I want. The patches are out on the internet for me to download again, and people are running their own Halo servers for me to fight on. Halo is only one such example, but people keep all sorts of various games going through PC's. Did you know Everquest is still going? Weirder still: the Myst MMO (Uru: Live) is still going… Yeah, all 4 people who play it are still playing it, and making custom content for it no less. Talk about a niche community. The point is you don't get that with a console.

2. Peripherals have backwards compatibility. You can't get that old xbox controller to work with the new xbox console, can you? What about the other stuff you bought… the steering wheel, the flight joystick, the arcade gamepad, the qwerty keyboard… None of that works anymore. But on a PC, assuming the device is connected via USB, I'm still using it. It's not unheard of to see people using all those peripherals they've had for years. I myself have a controller that's over a decade old that still works. What you buy for a PC will always be supported in the future, both in the games and in the other devices.

3. Mods. I already talked about the mods earlier, but you can breathe new life into a game by modifying it. Skyrim was a fantastic game, but I played it for years after it came out due to all the user-made content and modifications. I know someone who still hasn't played all the way through the game because he keeps modifying the game. I imagine at some point he'll have reached critical mass on all the tweaks to the game and will actually just play the damn thing… but that's the beauty of PC gaming. After 5 years, that game is still relevant.

4. Selection. The selection of games, both AAA and indie, is and has always been far higher than consoles. The funny part is that with all the emulators out there, you can add in all the libraries of games from the old consoles you used to love.

5. Innovation. Did you know that, as of this writing, consoles don't support VR devices like the Rift and the Vive? Just… putting that out there.

6. Customizability. Have you ever been playing a game, and thought “Man, I wish I didn't have to push the Y-button in order to have my character do that jump attack… I want it on the x-button, but the game won't let me!” With a PC, you can. You can change all the button maps and layouts to make the game so tailored to your own style that no one else could ever follow. Every tweak makes you that much faster. I myself have a g13 keypad and a logitech MMO gaming mouse with tons of configurable buttons. Put together, I have created the ideal experience.

In Conclusion

It's really simple: PC's are better, and they're just as affordable as consoles. They're easier to use, and you're already familiar with one, never having to relearn how to do something because they changed the interface with the new system. They allow you to get more enjoyment out of the same game than you could with a console. And there's way more games to play on it.

So what's stopping you?

-Dated: 05/06/2016

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