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Contact Info and Other Involvements

This is where you can find me on other networks, or where you can contact me.


Donating Money

Paypal: Donate Here
Bitcoin Address: 12LzN1s1JmcDoF8pGfMY97xmXAW4gvdkfa
FUJICoin Address: FgCAUfZxb494gMVt8Bp4bMpu77Be8LzL25


Click here to join the Discord server. I'll give elevations to people I know. Or, if you'd rather just PM me, my Discord username is Hylianux#7308


I also make music of my own… Generally the style is nu metal or alternative metal. Hylianux on Soundcloud


Game Networks

Steam: Walkingspeedbump
GOG: hylianux EdgeVortecco#1131

Final Fantasy XIV

I have a character on Final Fantasy XIV: Here's a link to the character page. I'm on the Cactuar server.

Final Fantasy XI

I still play this. I'm not sure why. My character used to be an emo Elvaan Monk named Daemien…
Now I'm a Tarutaru blue mage named Hylianux.
Find me on the Asura server.


Wish Lists

Would you like to buy me a gift? Having a hard time figuring out what to get me? Check these wish lists for ideas! These links are listed in order of priority, with the first link being the highest.

PC Specs

Server Specs

Miner Specs

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