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This is where I host the various source control repositories and associated tools. They're here for the sake of documenting my technological profile, as well as if you have access to these repositories.


WebSVN is where you can see all the svn repositories that are currently being hosted. Admittedly, you'll need an account from me in order to use it.

DCO Repository

DCO Repository is a repository for the Dragon Combat Overhaul source code. It never actually got used, but it's here in case they ever should use it. To use it, simply right-click and copy the link to use it in an SVN plugin of your choosing (e.g. Subclipse or TortoiseSVN).

DB2 Peeker

DB2Peeker Application is a repository for a small app designed around querying a DB2 database with a web frontend. It's far from finished.

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